How To Clean Dirty Tile And Grout?

Tile is considered as one of the most attractive parts of your home. You can ask your tile installer to use a darker grout rather than a pristine white. Because it helps in hiding the stains, but hiding stains is not enough. 

Many times even after mopping and cleaning with different solvents we are not able to remove stains easily. Do you know how to clean the dirty tile and grout yourself? Here are some methods you can try.

Different Methods On How To Clean Dirty Tile And Grout:

1. Use Warm Water With Baking Soda

As we all know that sometimes even warm water can remove dirt easily. But if the stains are a little bit difficult to remove then you can apply baking soda with warm water. This can help you in removing the tough stains like grease, scattered pieces while cooking and oily surfaces.

2. Use Stiff Bristle Brush And Vinegar With Warm Water

Your grout can be filled with small dust particles that are not easy to remove. Moreover, it covers the whole porous area over a period of time. To overcome this issue, you can use a stiff bristle brush which can remove the particles easily without damaging your tiles. 

Sometimes, vinegar with warm water also gives a positive result in removing stain and dirt. As vinegar is an acidic fluid; you can use it with warm water to decrease the acidic nature of vinegar to some extent.

3. Use Chlorine Bleach

Everyone uses Bleach in different parts of their house to clean stains because it helps in removing the dirt as well as it removes the dullness of your tiles also. If your tiles are looking yellowish and dirty then you can apply chlorine to remove stails and dullness from grout and tile.


Tiles are increasing the beauty of your home, don’t allow dirt and stains to spoil the beauty of your house. By now you might be knowing how to clean dirty tile and grout. 

If you want to get rid of the dust contaminants on tile and grout, then you can hire professionals, who are well equipped and experienced. The experts at TNT Carpet Care are licensed and certified to restore your tile and grout as if new. Call us now 619-208-2708 and experience the best cleaning that your tile and grout deserves. To know more about our services follow us on Facebook.