Invest 60 Minutes On Carpet Repair From Pet Damage

Pets are a true example of loyalty. But sometimes they may cause damage to the floor areas. By moving here and there, it’s common to have stains of dog pee on the carpet. If you are looking for some tricks and tips on carpet repair from pet damage, then this blog is for you. 

Total Time Taken: 60 minutes 

Steps to Repair Carpet From Pet Damage

1. Cut all the loose threads away 

cut loose threads

You might have noticed that your pet’s nails get stuck in the design of your carpet and pull out threads. This results in frizzy loops and loose ends. Here you can use sewing shears to trim these down and level with the other carpet area. 

2. Replenish missing carpet fibers

Wool carpet fiber macro

When you have carpet repair from pet damage in small areas, then the issue can be fixed by removing fibers. To do this, take box cutters and cut away matching fibers from the back of the closet. Then dab waterproof adhesive to the visible carpet backing where you can add fibers. This way you can repair your carpet easily. 

3. Repair loose seams and ends 

oriental rug fringe restoration

It happens when your pet removes loose ends of the carpet where there is a joint. To repair this, use hot-melt carpet tape and place it along the joint area. It should be in such a way that half is below one side of the carpet and a half is below the other. Press tightly into the place with an iron. This will melt the glue for better results. 

Wrapping Up

We hope these tips on carpet repair from pet damage help you restore the original look of your carpet areas. Other than this, if you want to take the help of professionals for carpet repairs in El Cajon, then TNT Carpet Care is here to help you. We ensure that our technicians provide the best carpet repair services within time and budget. For more details about our cleaning and repair services, call us at 619-208-2708 or follow us on Facebook, & Twitter