Carpet Repair From Cat Scratching Tricks and Tips

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Nov 14, 2019 | Upholstery Cleaning

Being a pet owner you know that cats have the potential to be destructive. This happens when you own a carnivorous predator at home. The most common behavior of cats is scratching. Most of the cats prefer to scratch surfaces that can sink their paws into.

When cats scratch your carpet areas, it can be the most frustrating moment for you. But the good news is that now you can repair a small section of the damaged carpet. Here are the quick and easy tips on carpet repair from cat scratching. These all are the effective tricks that save you money on carpet replacement.

Carpet Cat Scratching

How To Repair Cat Scratched Carpet? 

  1. Remove old damaged carpet 

Start with removing cat-scratched carpet areas to get brand new carpeting. Part the fibers about ½ inches out from the damaged area and cut it using a knife. However, if you have a plush, tufted pile with no patterns, then you can use a carpet cutter.

  1. Replace it with a new one. 

For the replacement, if the carpet edge is in good condition, then you can easily place the new carpet piece in place of the old ones. But, if it is in bad form, then cut it using a carpet knife. Positioned it farther into carpet room to compensate the width of trimmed off. You can place a new carpet about 1 inch from the original position.

  1. Attach the carpet

After removing and replacing damaged carpet areas, now it’s time to attach it to your floor area. This is the crucial step involved in the process of carpet repair from cat scratching. Attach the carpet from one end to another end of the flooring area efficiently. When you are done, tuck any loose carpet under baseboards using a knife.

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Get Efficient Solution On Carpet Repair from Cat Scratching 

Considering the above 3 steps you can restore your cat-scratched carpet to original form. Still, if you want to get the best carpet repair tips and tricks, then TNT Carpet Care is a definite destination. Over the years, we have been delivering the best carpet repair and cleaning in El Cajon, CA at affordable rates. For more details, contact us at 619-208-2708 or follow us on Facebook, & Twitter.

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