Effective Home Tips to Fix Water Damaged Ceiling 

Effective Home Tips to Fix Water Damaged Ceiling

Aug 28, 2019 | Water Damage Repair

Because of heavy rain or broken pipe, there is a possibility that the water penetrates the roof and runs down towards the upper surface of the ceiling where there is plaster. This situation can take away the comfort of your home. Knowing how to fix water damaged ceiling can prevent mold and a weakened structure. Follow these steps to return the original look of your ceiling. 

How to Fix a Ceiling that Has Water Damage? 

Having a water damage ceiling you might have a question in mind that is it safe to fix the damaged ceiling yourself. Water damage of less than approximately 4 inches nearby is safe to repair yourself. For anything larger, hire a professional, else, fix water damaged ceiling plaster yourself by considering the below-mentioned steps.

Roof Leakage

Step 1: Prevent the source of water 

The first thing you have to do is to end the source from where the water is penetrating. Find and sealed or fix the leaky roof. Proceed with further steps. 

Step 2: Get rid of moisture in the ceiling

Once the leaky roof is sealed or fixed, dry the ceiling with vacuum or fans. It is important to dry both areas below and above the ceiling. This way you can remove moisture. 

Step 3: Take off the damaged parts

Fix water damaged ceiling areas with a loose or bulgy appearance. Scrape it out using the knife or paint scraper. Don’t take out the surface area of the ceiling if it is smooth & flat. 

Step 4: Plaster or repair the ceiling 

Smooth the ridges between the affected and clean areas using sandpaper. If there are big holes in the ceiling surface, then plastering or repairing is the best option. 

Step 5: Apply primer over paint 

Primer before painting is a very important factor. If you have any stains on the ceiling surface, then apply primer over them. Allow it to dry, then apply the coat of paint. 

Fix water damaged ceiling yourself by following the above home tips and get the original look of your roof back. 

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Water Damage Repair Cleaning

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