Different Methods Of Upholstery Cleaning

Different Methods Of Upholstery Cleaning

May 12, 2022 | Upholstery Cleaning

Every modern house needs upholstered furniture, let it be a sofa, chairs, or recliners. The demand for upholstery is increasing day by day, and the reason behind that is their appearance gives a mesmerizing look and comfort. Upholstered furniture is the most comfortable place in your house. We sit, sleep, and even take meals over it.

The constant use of upholstery makes it dirty and smells awful due to our body oil & sweat, pets, dirt, grime, and food particles. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid all this. But, we can clean our upholstered furniture regularly.

Regular cleaning of your upholstery can be beneficial to protect it, but it is not as effective as professional deep cleaning. Especially, to get rid of odors & stains of upholstery, no option remains to you other than calling a professional service.

Let us look at what different methods of upholstery cleaning professionals use:-

Hot Water/Steam Extraction

Hot Water Or Steam Extraction

The hot water or Hot Steam Extraction process uses an extraction technology that removes the dirt, grime, and other allergens from upholstery. In this method, a heated cleaning solution (generally a mixture of water and eco-friendly detergents)  is penetrated thoroughly inside the upholstered furniture. And it is extracted using powerful vacuums.

During the extraction, dirt, oil, and grime present inside the upholstery fibers mix up and get vacuumed out. This method takes a few hours to clean the upholstery. The results after hot water extraction are quite impressive.

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Carbonation Cleaning

Carbonation Upholstery Cleaning

It is also a type of hot water extraction method. The only difference is that this method uses a carbonating solution instead of soapy detergents and chemicals. The carbonation effect caused by millions of microscopic bubbles cleans your upholstery in just a couple of hours. The carbonated bubbles enter your upholstered furniture and bring all the dirt and grime to the surface.

Cleaners then soak this dirt and grime using a powerful vacuum, just like hot water extraction. The method has several advantages. The cleaning effect of carbonation cleaning lasts for a long time, it uses 80% less water, and the cleaning & drying time is comparatively low.

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Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Upholstery Cleaning

As per its name, this method uses a cleaning chemical to clean the upholstery. These chemicals are harmless for almost every type of upholstery. Chemical cleaning is a simple cleaning method in which the chemical is applied to the upholstery, followed by vacuuming, and left untouched for some time.

During this time, the chemical breaks down the grime and dirt. Cleaners then wipe out the cleaning chemical with the dirt particles using a clean cloth. If required, they rinse upholstery after the process. The dry time is lesser for this method. The upholstery can be ready to use immediately after cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Upholstery Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the simplest method of upholstery cleaning As it does not use water or any sort-of liquid cleaning solutions. Instead of that, it uses a cleaning powder. This cleaning powder is sprinkled over the upholstery evenly and left for some time. Agitation is done using brushes for a deep cleaning effect.

The cleaning powder reacts with dirt, grime, oil, and other bacteria. After the dwell time, cleaners vacuum the powder and clean the upholstery using cloth. And your furniture is ready for use. Generally, professionals use the dry method for stain and odor removal.

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The Bottom Line

Professional cleaners use various kinds of upholstery cleaning methods. These methods may change for different types of upholstery. Not every method is suitable for every type. So it is better to choose the correct method for your upholstery.

Professional upholstery cleaning services can use the best suitable cleaning method for you.

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