Tile and Grout Cleaning La Mesa CA

Professionally Cleaning The Tiles Since 2005!
Tile And Grout Cleaning La Mesa

Top-Rated Tile and Grout Cleaning La Mesa CA

Getting the shine by cleaning and refreshing the tile is a lot of work. The process is intricate and involves a lot of precision and strenuous work. You must spare such tedious tasks to the professional. They would do this task and get your tiles shining. Regular mopping and spot cleaning are something that people regularly pursue. Yet, they do not get the desired cleaning results. Feel free to call us at (619) 208-2708 now!

Clean Tile and Grout Adds To Good Health!

Our tile cleaning technique penetrates the porous points of your tile. It helps us to remove dirt and grime. It also eliminates mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other contaminants. Our professional tile cleaning helps remove microbial contamination to leave your tile as clean and healthy as possible.

The Process Of Tile And Grout Cleaning La Mesa CA

  • Pre-Treatment –The first step is to apply a cleaning pre-treatment that loosens up the dirt, oils, and bacteria.
  • Pressure –Pressurized water gets penetrated through the stubborn areas.
  • Heat – A High Degree Temperature would cut through the oil and dirt.
  • Vacuum – Our immediate process vacuums the dirty water off your floors.
  • Sealing – Add a clear coat of sealant to protect your tile grout and keep it looking great!

Is your tile floor starting to look dull and dingy? Do those grout lines never seem to come clean? Get it done PROFESSIONALLY! It lasts longer and looks much better than cleaning with a scrub brush. Our tile and grout cleaning process restores the original beauty of floors. Call our professionals now!

Why Choose TNT Carpet Care For Tile And Grout Cleaning La Mesa CA?

  • IICRC Certified Cleaning Company
  • Tile And Grout Cleaning since 2005
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Non-toxic products for cleaning
  • We use ph-balanced cleaning solutions for your tile
  • We use Eco-Friendly cleaning methods and chemicals

Blogs on Tile and Grout Cleaning

5 Star Customer Ratings

What Our Clients Say?

Tile And Grout Cleaning La Mesa

“We recently had TNT clean some heavily stained carpet in our condo that had recently been rented out. Troy was excellent. He got out stains that a different company had been unable to get. Our carpet looks brand new. He also did a great job cleaning some furniture upholstery. The prices are very reasonable as well. We would absolutely recommend this company.”

Lars Sandvig

Tile And Grout Cleaning La Mesa

“I have used TNT for carpet cleaning a few times over the years… They are always great at what they do, prompt, and nice to work with.. In the past Troy has been my carpet cleaner.. This time Jason came and he was just as great as Troy… This is a local, family-run business that will give you personalized service with a friendly smile. I highly recommend them!”

Daniel P.

Tile And Grout Cleaning La Mesa

“TNT Carpet Care was by far the best carpet cleaning service we have had! Owner/operator Troy took his time and worked hard to clean and restore our carpets. They came out looking and feeling like new! He is one of the nicest and most professional guys around and he truly knows his business! I would highly recommend him again and again. Thanks!”

Justin Jonte

FAQs Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

When Does The Floor Dry For Walking After Tile And Grout Cleaning?
Allow at least 30 minutes for the floors to dry after cleaning. Ensure there is no liquid spill on the floor for 24 Hours, especially if you have chosen Grout Sealing. The process is quick. Within one hour, your house floors look shiny and clean, fully ready to use.
How Frequently Do I Need Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning?
We intend to keep your property looking the best. Ideally, we recommend you have one professional cleaning session half-annually. However, the frequency would depend upon how much soiling happens in a period.
How Much Time Do I Invest For Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning?
Usually, a 300 sq. Ft. area could take 1 Hour to 3 Hours. We ensure that you get a tile and grout well cleaned. A larger floor space could take more time. It depends on how dirty your tiles are for the time taken for the task to complete.
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