No-Risk Guarantee

We Guarantee Zero Dirt

Our Determinate No-Risk Guarantee

At TNT Carpet Care we assure that you will be impressed with our services and that too with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. We guarantee all of our services for up to 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with a specific area or job, you can reschedule us to come and re-clean any areas of concern.

Besides that, if any spots that may reappear within two weeks of our cleaning, then we will promptly return to re-clean those areas also with no charge. If still, you are not happy with our services, then we will give a full refund with no deduction.

No-Risk Guarantee
If you are facing any problem and concern regarding our service then don’t hesitate, pick up your phone and connect with us right away. We are always happy to solve all your problems. We guarantee to provide the best services within time and budget.

We are holding over 14 years’ experience and can deal with different types of carpet. Moreover, we justify our work with 100% surety. The bottom line for our guarantee is that we want to create happy and loyal customers.

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