FAQs On Carpet Cleaning Services

FAQs On Carpet Cleaning Services

Mar 1, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

TNT Carpet Care is a well-known company where professionals are known for their carpet cleaning services.

A carpet could hold millions of particles, bacteria, and germs deep into it, the carpet cleaning becomes inevitable. However there are consumers who have questions and ask our professionals.

Here are some noted FAQs clients ask, our experts have selected some questions and answered them in this section.


ℚ: Duration It Takes To Dry The Carpet?

Normally a carpet needs approx 10 hours to dry. There are several factors that affect the drying time, such as humidity levels, the temperature of the house, weather, and the type of material carpet is made.

To decrease the drying time, try to keep the temperature of your house at a comfortable cool level, or open up the house with the fan on, leaving the house closed the timing to dry the carpet will increase.

ℚ: Is That Guaranteed That All The Stains And Spots Will Be Removed After Carpet Cleaning Services?

Unfortunately, there are no companies that guarantee all the stains and spots will be removed.

There are several factors that can be a hindrance in removing all stains, factors like the type of stain, or from how much time the stain is present, the type of fiber used in making the carpet, and the residue left from previous carpet solutions can play a major role. Our professionals will do whatever it takes to get the best results.

ℚ: Will You Remove Furniture From The Service Area

Yes, we will relocate the small furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, etc.

These are included in the base price. However, if you want us to relocate total furniture, we can add the service into the quote and do all the moving. We usually do not move heavy items like china cabinets, beds, large dining tables, tv’s or computers, which can high-risk.

ℚ: Should I Vacuum Before The Technicians Arrive?

Yes, you should definitely vacuum the carpet once or twice before the technicians arrive.

If you have pets or kids at home you need to vacuum it more than 2-3 times to make it easy for professionals. Remove family heirloom, small objects into the other room for better convenience.

ℚ: How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

Cleaning carpet regularly is required to extend the life of a carpet.

If you have less traffic in your home, it’s advisable to have professional cleaning once or twice a year.

If you have kids and pets in your home, the criteria changes and you need to have a professional carpet cleaning every 4-5 months to keep your carpet appear and feel new.

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