How Often Upholstery Cleaning Should Be Performed?

How Often Upholstery Cleaning Should Be Performed_

Aug 26, 2020 | Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is an important property of your house which gives you relaxation and comfort. People also choose soft, and stylish upholstered furniture to add attractive home appeal. Therefore, many of us spend lots of money on upholstery.

To maintain the shine and hygiene of your furniture it should be cleaned on a daily basis. Regular cleaning may keep your upholstery clean and healthy. Daily cleaning may clean the top layer of your furniture. But for deep cleaning, it is advisable to hire professionals once or twice a year.

Here in this blog, you will learn about upholstery cleaning and how often it should be performed.

Do You Have Children? 

Upholstery Stains


The upholstery is the best playground for the kids. They love to play, craft, and eat on it. They also spread different liquid spills and food on it. Sometimes it happens to slip crayons or markers on furniture.

Our experts prefer that if you have children at home, then you should deep clean your upholstery every 6 months.

Do You Have Pets? 

If you have furry and four-legged cute pets at home. They bring dander, hair, and dust with them which make your upholstery full of bad smell with lots of allergens on it. So, it is advisable to clean your upholstered furniture in 4 months.

The Number Of Family Member:

The usage of upholstery totally depends on how many members are living in the house. If a single person is living in a house, then you can clean upholstery for up to two years. But, if you have a full family with kids and pets living in the house, it is advisable to clean your upholstery every 4 months.

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