How To Deep Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaks?

How To Deep Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaks?

Mar 14, 2024 | Laminate Floor Cleaning

Cleaning laminate floors is the best way to maintain their beauty and splendor. But all your hard work and efforts can go in vain if you find streaks on the floor even after cleaning, which can be frustrating.

So, in this blog, our experts will guide you through the process of deep cleaning laminate floors without a streak in sight. It will help you effectively clean your laminate floor and restore its look without leaving unsightly streaks.

Best Way to Deep Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaks

⇒ Remove Loose Dirt, Dust and Debris

Getting all the loose dirt, dust, and debris off the floor is important before you start deep cleaning. It’ll prevent these contaminants from mixing with moisture, making cleaning easier.

You can use a broom, vacuum, or dust mop to pick up the tiny particles from your floor. But clean every nook and cranny to ensure no contaminants on your laminate flooring.

Tip: Avoid using a vacuum’s brush attachment, as that can scratch the protective finish of your floor.

⇒ Choose the Right Cleaning Tools

It’s really important to choose the proper cleaning tools to clean laminate floors, as the wrong ones can leave unsightly streaks on the floor that can damage the look of your flooring.

A microfiber mop is the best tool for the job, as you don’t have to use excess moisture for cleaning, reducing the chances of streaks on your laminate floors and ensuring a proper deep cleaning.

⇒ Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Choosing the right cleaner for your floor is necessary to maintain its look and luster, as harsh and abrasive cleaners can damage the protective layer of your laminate floor and ruin its look.

So, you should opt for mild cleaners that don’t cause excess wear to your flooring. You can make a natural cleaning solution of water and vinegar and put that in a spray bottle. The ratio should be 1 cup vinegar in 1 gallon of water.

⇒ Mop Carefully

After you’ve selected the cleaning solutions and the tool, the actual cleaning task is simple. Just spray the solution onto the floor and, with a mop, work on the floor in small sections.

Use straight strokes and maintain an even press throughout, as over-scrubbing some areas can lead to unsightly streaks all over the floor. Ensure you cover the entire wet area with your mop. If you use a detachable mop, change the head with each pass to prevent streaks on the floor.

⇒ Spot Treat Stains and Dirty Areas

You should pay attention to dark spots and stubborn stains on your laminate floors. Blot these areas with a soft microfiber cloth and scrub them with a scrubber brush. If there are paint and grease stains, blot them out first and scrub them with a putty knife.

⇒ Dry Thoroughly

After applying the solution to your laminate floor, go over it again with a microfiber mop pad. It’ll prevent lingering streaks and keep your laminate floors looking spotless for longer.

Get Sparklingly Clean Laminate Floors With Us

At TNT Carpet Care, our experts have years of experience cleaning laminate floors. Our expertise and attention to detail will ensure a streak-free cleaning and restore your laminate floor to its spotless appearance. Contact us at (619) 208-2708 to book your service.

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