How to get Melted Wax out of Carpet

How to get Melted Wax out of Carpet

Jun 6, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

All of us love dinner parties and the warmth and pleasant ambiance of the candlelight, but that is until wax drips all over your expensive carpet.

It becomes necessary to know how to get melted wax out of a carpet for the one who loves to host parties and enjoy. It might seem hard, but fortunately, the wax removal process is easy, and it uses materials you already have at home, like paper towels and ice.

The simple steps mentioned in this article will be helpful for you to know how to get melted wax out of your carpet smoothly.

Let Us Take a Look At How To Get Melted Wax Out Of Carpet.

#1 List of required materials

List Of Materials Required

Before starting the cleaning, collect all the materials required for the wax removal process.

– An Ice pack

– An Iron or A Hairdryer

– Cleaning Solution

– Paper Towels

– A Butter Knife or Spoon

– Vacuum

You can also make a homemade cleaning solution with dishwashing liquid and warm water.

#2 Freezing the wax

Ice In A Zipper Plastic Bag

Take the ice pack or put some ice in a zipped plastic bag and make sure there is no leakage from the bag. Now, put the bag of ice on the melted wax and press hard onto it. You have to solidify the molten wax so that it will lift from the carpet fibers easily.

#3 Scrape off

Butter Knife

Once you are sure about the freezing of wax, gently rub the wax using a butter knife or a spoon; while doing this, make sure the wax is not wet. Continue scraping without causing any damage to the carpet. If the wax stain is recent, you will not require further steps.

#4 Melt the wax

Iron The Carpet

If some wax is remaining in carpet fibers, you can remove it by melting it. Vacuum the carpet to clear the scraped wax particles and put a paper towel on the wax; set the iron at low or medium temperature and gently rub on the towel. It will melt and absorb the wax. Change the towel and continue this process until the wax is completely absorbed. You can do the same with a hairdryer as well.

#5 Clean the carpet

After removing the wax to get rid of the patch, clean the carpet using a cleaner. You can use store-bought as well as homemade cleaners. Apply the cleaner to the patch and bloat it after waiting for a few minutes. Repeat bloating twice or thrice. You can rinse the stain with regular water if you want. Let the carpet dry and vacuum it.

Some More Quick Tips

  • Be gentle while scraping.
  • Don’t let the iron be too hot.
  • Try removing the wax as soon as possible.
  • Strict no to harsh cleaners in the market.
  • Call professionals if you are not able to remove the wax using these DIY steps.

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