How To Keep Carpet Clean in Corona Virus Pandemic

Keep Carpet Clean in Corona Virus Pandemic

Apr 19, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

As the pandemic is at our door, keeping our surroundings clean has been more important now. The floors get dirty all the time because of a lot of foot traffic. And if your floor is covered with carpets, then it becomes even more important for you to clean them regularly.

Coronavirus spreads through coughing, sneezing, talking, physical touch, as it is an infectious disease. So, the question is whether regular carpet cleaning removes the active coronavirus from the carpets?

Yes, the coronavirus though remains active after carpet cleaning, it is observed that carpets don’t trap this virus much. That’s because coronavirus spreads faster from a non-porous surface than through a porous one. And since carpets are porous in nature, the concentration of coronavirus is very less.

However, it’s still there. Therefore, here are some tips on how to keep your carpets virus-free.

Tips To Keep Your Carpet Virus-Free

⇒ Get Hold Of Surgical Gloves & Other Useful Utilities

When cleaning the carpets, use gloves and other utilities to clean the carpet. Don’t touch the carpet with your bare hands. Make sure to discard the gloves and also clean your hands later with good-quality soap to limit any chance of infection.

⇒ There Are EPA-Approved Carpet Cleaning Products That You Can Use

Use EPA-approved carpet cleaning products available in the market. These carpet cleaners claim to eliminate the COVID-19 virus from the carpets completely. So, invest in a good carpet cleaner for safer information.

⇒ Steam Clean Your Carpets

If you have a patient in your house, use steam carpet cleaning to eliminate the viruses on the carpet. As per the researchers, the COVID-19 virus can’t survive in high temperatures. So, hire steam carpet cleaners to keep your environment safe.

Carpet Cleaning By Steam Cleaning Process

Get in Touch With Professionals!

For the safest and easiest approach, you can hire professional carpet cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaners use steam cleaning methods to kill the virus and other germs.

TNT Carpet Care provides carpet cleaning in La Mesa CA with a guarantee of a safer and healthier environment. So, call on 619-208-2708 to book your appointments.

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