Methods You Must Know For Pet Stain And Odor Removal


Nov 12, 2021 | Pet Odor Removal

According to the survey, around 67% of the population owns a pet at home in the U.S country. No matter how much you train your pet, they are likely to make immediate urine accidents on carpets, tile, or upholstery. It is important that you clean your pet urine stains and odor quickly after their formation so that the surface doesn’t get much affected. So, learn here the top 3 methods for pet stain and odor removal effectively at home.

Top 3 Methods For Pet Stain And Odor Removal

1. Using Enzymatic Cleaner

As the pet urine has ammonia, so its smell is very concentrated and gets spread throughout your whole house. To remove the ammonia smell, you need to use a special enzymatic cleaner that is able to break down the chemical components, digest wastes, stains, or odors.

So, once you blot the urine from the carpet, just spray an enzymatic cleaner on the affected portion. Let the cleaner stay for a few minutes and then rinse it with water.

2. Sprinkle Baking Soda

Baking soda is an all-purpose cleaner and is considered the best product for odor removal. Also, it is an eco-friendly cleaning product. Moreover, baking soda will leave a small carbon footprint compared to artificial chemical cleaners after cleaning.

Either you can use dry baking soda powder to sprinkle on the urine odor or make a paste from it. If you want to remove pee stains, then baking soda paste will be a more effective option.

3. Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

The best option to remove pet urine stains and odor quickly and permanently from your carpets is hiring professionals. Because professionals have different modern instruments to deal with tough pet urine stains. Also, they use the best deodorizers to completely remove the urine odor from the house.

Moreover, when you hire a professional cleaning service, you can save a lot of time from scrubbing the carpet to remove urine stains.
Why Does My Carpet Still Smell Like Dog Pee After Shampooing?

Once you clean your carpet with water after shampooing, the ammonia and bacteria present in the dog pee get reactivated. This is the reason for getting a bad pee smell from your carpets even after cleaning. So, call the best professionals from TNT Carpet Care at El Cajon, CA location. We provide cost-effective odor removal service over years and ensure that the original glory gets restored in your carpets back.

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