If your house has recently faced extensive flooding, then you might be panicking about your carpet being damaged in the flooding. You surely thinking about having a Water Damage Repair service or carpet replacement, it is obvious after all, carpeting isn’t cheap!

Apart from that do you know that water-damaged carpeting could also trigger serious health risks to you and your family? Yes, it’s true. The moisture from the flood fosters the growth of mold, mildews, and bacteria. This can cause serious health and respiratory issues.

To prevent your carpet water damage from becoming a budget-breaking or a health risk, keep on reading this as we will go over 5 practical tips to help you repair your carpet after water damage.

1. Look For The Water Source

Before you initiate your water damage repairs, figure out the origin of the leakage. Was it a one-time thing like an overflowing bathtub? Or a frequent leaking?

Whatever the source is, start by fixing that problem. Call a plumber or a contractor if it’s more than a quick fix.

2. Dry the Carpet As Soon As Possible

The best thing you can do is to fight against the dangerous mold and mildew is to dry out the water-damaged carpet as soon as possible. You can do this with portable fans, dehumidifiers, and a vacuum cleaner with wet/dry functions. If you don’t own these tools, you can get them on rent.

3. Clean The Water Damaged Carpeting

When it comes to water damage repairs and restoration, carpet cleaning is very important for safety. You can use shampoo and/or steam cleaning to ensure sanitization. After the flood damage, it’s usually ideal to get rid of your carpet padding altogether. This is a better option rather than having the headache to replace your carpeting.

4. Avoid Activities on The Carpets

Whilst you’re drying and cleaning your water-damaged carpet, make sure that nothing comes in contact. This means that, if your carpeting is still on the floor, all furniture needs to be shifted somewhere else, far from the carpet. Not only can the dye from the furniture seep into your carpets, but the water from your carpets can also damage the furniture.

Additionally, you should also avoid walking over the carpet during this time because this can affect the fibers in the carpet.

5. Call The Water Damage Repair Specialist

Not confident in doing it yourself? Leave the work on professionals!

After all, it’s easier than you think for flooding in your home to go from manageable water damage to a carpet-ruining nightmare. Prevent this from happening to you by calling a professional and reliable Water Damage Repair Company. The experts will make sure that everything is taken care of in the best way possible!

Stay Safe By Hiring Renowned Water Damage Repair Company

When there is a case of flooding in your home, the first thing you need to consider is your family’s safety. Apart from that take every precaution necessary to ensure that your home stays free from harmful mold and mildew.

Also, remember to assess the source of the damage and dry all of your water-damaged carpeting quickly. If possible, clean and sanitize the carpets
thoroughly. Don’t forget to throw out your wet carpet paddings if necessary. Also, remember to assess the source of the damage and dry all of your water-damaged carpeting quickly.

If you have any questions regarding water damage repair costs or need the help of professional water damage repair services, then rely on TNT Carpet Care. We are always there to help you at every step of the way. Feel free to contact us.

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