What Will Be The Average Odor Removal Service Cost?

What Will Be The Average Odor Removal Service Cost

As per the survey, in countries like the U.S over 44% of households keep dogs in their home. Keeping all the spaces odor-free is quite not possible, as it is the most frustrating task for homeowners.

But do you think you can clean or remove the pet urine odor from your spaces? As a pet owner or being busy with your working life, you can not handle such situations on your own.

Here it is advisable to hire professionals to get rid of the awful odor. But, what can be the cost to hire the odor removal experts? Here in this blog, we will discuss the average odor removal service cost.

Average Cost of Odor Removal Service

You need to spend $500 to $1400 on average for the odor removal service. The prices may vary depending on various circumstances like a type of odor, then how strong and deep it is?

Light Cleaning

If you find that nasty smell and odor early enough then that can be treated with light cleaning. Likewise, this type of cleaning is only possible if the dirt, grime is not penetrated in your room, it can easily be removed with scrubbing your carpet and area rug.

Usually, the charge depends on the size of the carpet, it normally runs between $75 to $200 per room. For odor elimination, it may add an extra $30 to $40 per hour. If you opt for chemical-free odor removal, then it will charge you around $500 to $1100.

Deep Cleaning

If you left the odor or foul untreated for a longer period of time, then it will require a more tough cleaning which will cost you more than simple cleaning. Sometimes shampooing and rubbing your carpet and furniture can not be enough, you may have to bear the replacement cost for carpet and flooring.

Ripping out affected carpet and hardwood floor will cost $50 To $100 per hour, with an additional $50-$150 per hour charged if the subfloor needs to be sanded. Moreover, replacing the current flooring may cost you $500 to $10,000 as per the size of your room. If any of the drywall is saturated with urine, this will cost between $40-$60 per panel, including materials and labor.

Pet Odor Removal

Method Of Cleaning

Moreover, the prices to remove pet odor also depends on the methods used by professionals.

  • If it requires steam cleaning, then the average cost will be $100 to $200.
  • The cost of dry chemical cleaning ranges from $120 to $150 per room, according to the size of your room.
  • Subfloor extraction can be done with a cost of $50 – $200.
  • Labor charges maybe $50 To $200 per hour or depending on the efforts and techniques used by them.


You can deal with this situation by vacuuming your carpet daily, using odor eliminators.  Therefore, experts always recommend that you take immediate action for this type of accident. Pet odor can attract bacteria and allergens, and the growth of mold in wooden flooring.

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