The Difference Between Carpet Staining and Soiling

The Difference Between Carpet Staining and Soiling

Jan 11, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

Is Your Carpet Stained or Soiled?

Many people are confused about spotting the difference between carpet staining and soiling. These words are often used interchangeably, but that doesn’t mean that they are similar.

Mixing up these terms can cost you. But not to worry, we got you all covered. In this article, you will seek the difference between them both and also learn how to prevent it.

1. Carpet Staining

Carpet staining causes discoloration. If anything spills or touches your carpet, and embeds in the delicate fibers, it will stain the carpets. This includes coffee, tea, wine, ink, paint spills.

Several carpet fibers are highly absorbent, such as nylon. This leads to more staining, thus ruining your carpet. But some spills are easier to remove, while some of them are harder.

⇒ Carpet Staining Prevention

The best method to prevent carpet stains is to address the spill right away. Cleaning them immediately will prevent them from reaching into delicate fibers of the carpet. Therefore, it will not leave a stain on the carpet.

2. Carpet Soiling

Carpet soiling also leaves a stain. However, carpet soiling does not happen because of the spills. It occurs when a residue of a substance is left on the carpet for a long time. This then attracts dirt, which can also cause discoloration.

In most cases, it happens because of the oil. However, carpet soiling also occurs from the natural oil of our body. When we walk barefoot on the carpets, the natural oil present in our feet can cause carpet soiling.

⇒ Carpet Soiling Prevention

The best way to prevent your carpets from soiling is to clean them properly and regularly. Avoid walking on your carpets with your shoes on. Also, while cleaning the carpets make sure to dry your carpets completely.

Carpet Stain Cleaning El Cajon

Do Away With Carpet Staining & Soiling By Professional Carpet Cleaning!

Hope you have understood the difference between carpet soiling and carpet staining. Carpet staining and soiling provide one of the reasons for hiring professional cleaning services.

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