Excellent Ways To Clean Stained Outdoor Tiles

Excellent Ways To Clean Stained Outdoor Tiles

Sep 25, 2021 | Tile and Grout Cleaning

When you lay outdoor tiles in your home, it must be durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Porcelain material is considered good, while ceramic is not preferred for outdoor tiles. Although, the consequence of having unclean tiles can be fatal to your safety. With time, dirt and allergens can get accumulated within its borders like mold and moss.

As tiles are usually constructed from durable 20mm thick stones, they are easy to maintain. To clean stained outdoor tiles, you need a bristle brush and an outdoor floor tiles cleaner. Add to this a bucket, and rubber gloves and you are all set to take on the task. So, learn here the 2 best ways for cleaning stains on outdoor tiles.

Top 2 Best Ways To Clean Stained Outdoor Tiles

1) Use Acid-Based Cleaner To Remove Organic Matter

To remove moss, algae, rust, and efflorescence from the tiles, you need an acid-based cleaning solution. As the acid will break down the stains efficiently while being gentle on the tiles. The first step to clean stained outdoor tiles is to rinse the surface completely to remove all debris.

Apply a mild cleaning solution and let it sit for five minutes before scrubbing the surface with a hard-bristled brush. Next, with an absorbent soft cloth, remove all the soap solution. Finally, rinse the tiles with plenty of water.

2) Eradicate Tough Stains Using Detergent Solution

The benefits of hiring a tile and grout cleaning service are that they can remove tough stains like limescale, oil/grease, and wax. Cleaning outdoor ceramic tiles by yourself requires a detergent that won’t damage the tiles. Also, ceramic tiles absorb water and so the risks of cracking and mold in it increases.

To clean the tough stains, you need to leave the cleaning solution for 4-5 minutes before scrubbing with a large stiff-bristle brush. Finish the cleaning by rinsing the surface thoroughly with water.

How Do You Remove Brown Stains From Outside Tiles?

A mild cleaning solution or lemon solution should suffice to clean stained outdoor tiles. For heavy stains, you will need tough chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. Be mindful of diluting the solution only in warm water as cold water will set the stain.

We at TNT Carpet Care take pride in cleaning tile and grout over many years at the Alpine location. Our professionals are experienced and guarantee to remove all types of organic matter and stubborn stains from your outdoor tiles. However, the perks of hiring our floor tile cleaning service are that you achieve optimal cleaning by an IICRC certified firm. We specialize in child and pet-safe cleaning techniques to restore the lost shine of your tiles.

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