Can Mold Come Back After Remediation?

Can Mold Come Back After Remediation?

Oct 4, 2021 | Mold Removal

Mold can easily come back in moist areas if it is not removed properly. When your house has an outrageous amount of moisture, it is impossible to avoid mold. Then, are you wondering, can mold come back after remediation? Yes, it can be restored again in the same place. Also, if your house suffers from excessive water because of flooding, a pipe burst, or a leak in the roof, then the chances of mold increase greatly. Learn below the preventive measures to avoid mold growth.

5 Amazing Preventive Measures To Avoid Mold

1) Keep The Moisture Content Of Your House In Check

Even if mold spores might float in your home, they cannot grow unless there is moisture. Therefore, you need to keep the humidity levels in your house below 60. You can also install a dehumidifier in your house so that you can extract as much water as possible after a water damage situation.

2) Dry Up All Wet Surfaces Quickly

As mentioned above, mold thrives in cold dark places. So, if your home lacks natural sunlight, the probability of mold infestation increases. It just takes two days for mold to grow.

To avoid this, you need to make sure all the components of your home are dry. Along with that, regularly move your furniture to make sure there are no hidden damp patches.

3) Disinfect Surfaces Prone To Mold Infestation

The reason to opt for professional mold remediation service over DIY is that they have the expertise to eradicate mold completely. When you attempt to do it yourself, you carry the risk of missing a few hidden spots.

However, in order to eliminate the problem permanently, you need to regularly disinfect your home. Especially the areas that are more vulnerable to mold growth.

4) Repair Leaks And Faulty Equipment In Your Home

You need to conduct regular maintenance of your roof gutter to make sure there are no leaks. However, if you choose to take on the job by yourself, make sure to have all precautionary measures in place, like rubber gloves and a respiratory mask.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your ground slopes away from the building foundations so that water doesn’t get collected near it.

5) Improve Air Flow

Along with regular maintenance of your home, you need to unclog your HVAC drains regularly as well. As the consequences of breathing unhealthy air can prove very fatal to your well-being.

Besides, having closed doors and windows in your home can also promote the growth of mold.

How Quickly Does Mold Come Back?

Mainly, in ideal situations mold can come back in 48 hours. However, even though mold spores begin to colonize in three to twelve days, they only become visible after eighteen to twenty-one days.

However, we at TNT Carpet Care can’t promise a permanent elimination of mold from your home but we can delay its re-growth significantly. So, call us today to avail our mold damage restoration service.

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