How To Get Rid Of Mold From Walls?

How To Get Rid Of Mold From Walls

Sep 4, 2019 | Mold Removal

Mold on the walls? If yes, then it is a high-time to get rid of it. This is because mold is a dangerous microscopic living organism that leads to further health problems if left unattended. Hence, it is important to opt for quality mold remediation techniques. 

But when you are at home and ask yourself how to get rid of mold from walls, then knowing easy mold cleanup and remediation tips can be very useful. Here in this blog, you will get to know effective ways of eliminating mold from your walls.

Tips On How To Get Rid of Mold on Walls Permanently

Mold On Drywall

There are different walls in houses like drywall or cinder block walls. If you have drywall having black mold, then it is a matter of worry too. Mold grows on porous material and as drywall has a paper covering, it can be the perfect host for molds. 

You must have heard that with bleach you can remove black mold from drywall. However, it is the myth. If you have concrete walls, then bleach can work. At first, when you see mold on your drywall, you observe only the first layer. 

Below the first layer, there is another layer of mycelia that grows very rapidly. It is the root of the mold which spreads quickly throughout your wall. The only way to get rid of mold is to remove replace the surface of the drywall. 

To remove the drywall, wrap it with plastic. Ensure all the vents are closed in your room to prevent mold from spreading. This is the best way on how to get rid of mold from walls. You can also hire the best mold removal company for quality results. 

Restore Your Walls Hiring Professional Mold Repair Services 

Whether you have a drywall or concrete wall having black mold, TNT Carpet Care has the best solutions for all your mold removal issues. Over the years, we have been delivering outstanding mold repairs in El Cajon and nearby areas. Contact us at 619-208-2708 or follow us on Facebook & Twitter to get the best tips on how to get rid of mold from walls. 

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