5 Steps to Preventing Mold in Your Property After a Water Damage Disaster

Steps to Preventing Mold in Your Property After a Water Damage Disaster

Jul 7, 2022 | Mold Removal

Water disasters are one of those most terrifying experiences in life. But the problem does not finish with the end of that disaster. Many problems occur after the disaster. One of those problems is Mold Growth.

The water damage after a disaster makes the most favorable condition for mold growth on your property. Mold can damage almost every surface, whether it is floors, walls, furniture, or upholstery.

Fortunately, with some prevention steps, you can prevent the mold from making its house on your property. If your property has water damage, follow these mold prevention steps to save it.

Mold Prevention Steps After a Water Disaster 

1. Turn Off Electricity

Turning off the electricity must be your priority while cleaning and mold prevention after water damage. Live electric connections can cause an accident. Moreover, if you find it dangerous to cut the electric connection, you should take the help of an electrician instead of doing it yourself.

2. Stop and Remove the Water

After disconnecting the electric supply, remove the water from your property. You can also take the help of a water damage restoration company for this job. If the damage is caused due to leakage or damaged plumbing, find where water is coming from and immediately stop it by turning off the main valve.

3. Contact You Insurance Provider

The next step is to contact your insurance company and claim insurance if you have one. Many insurance companies have a policy to report damage within 48 hours. In case of natural disasters, they might take more time to respond. Do not wait for them. File the claim and move toward the next step.

4. Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company

As mentioned earlier, it takes only 24-48 hours for mold to grow on your property. At such time, you have to sort out things quickly. An experienced water damage restoration company can do that for you. They use advanced cleaning equipment and giant blowers and dryers to clean and dry your property and prevent mold.

5. Dry and Disinfect

Once the professionals are done with cleaning and restoration tasks, confirm that your property is dry thoroughly. If any dampness or moisture remains on your property, it can lead to mold growth. Moreover, you should disinfect your property to kill the germs and harmful bacteria before you shift in again.

Wrapping Up

It is crucial to take steps for mold prevention after a water disaster. You can follow the steps enlisted in this blog. If you are already experiencing mold in your property, you should immediately hire a professional mold repairing company near you. This will protect you from disease and your property from damages.

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