How To Repair Carpet From Cat Scratches?

How To Repair Carpet From Cat Scratches

Jan 2, 2023 | Carpet Repair

If you own cats, then you already know about their habits. You better know how deeply they can damage your carpets or rugs. The carpets on stairs and floors are a crucial part of giving a beautiful look to your home.

However, cats like to sharpen their claws on couches, chairs, and carpets, which can result in scratches and holes in your carpet.

Cats can be very destructive. Every pet owner wants to repair their carpet scratches effectively. Trying to repair the carpet at home is also the best option, or you can hire a professional to reduce the replacement cost. So learn here easy ways how to repair carpet from cat scratches.

Easy Ways To Repair Carpet From Cat Scratches

Cut The Loose Threads

Cats love to scratch away at the carpet till they pull out the threads of your carpet and leave behind a mess of frizzy threads and loops. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

Use trimming shears to cut off the excessive threads till they are at an even level with the rest of the carpet. If you don’t have trimming shears, you can use sharp scissors. If the damage is on the surface, this can fix the look of your carpet.

Use Heat Activated Patch Pads

Heat-activated patch pads are made specifically for carpets to fix the damaged areas of the carpet due to continuous pulling by the cat. To fix your carpet with heat-activated patch pads, do this

  • Measure the damaged area of the carpet.
  • Remove the damaged area of the carpet using a utility knife.
  • Measure and cut out the replacement patch. You can cut it out from a hidden part of your carpet.
  • Wet the carpet patch pad with a few drops of water.
  • Slide the adhesive tape into the place where you removed the damaged part of the carpet.
  • Place your carpet replacement onto the adhesive tape.
  • Finally, put the carpet patch pad over the carpet replacement and put an iron on high heat over it for one minute. The adhesive tape will activate when you apply heat to it.

Use A Hot-Melt Tape

Cats love to pull at the seams of a carpet, and if they continuously pull on the same area, it can cause carpet seam peaking problems and other issues like split or flap. Luckily you can fix this damage with hot melt tape made for carpets.

Cut the tape equal to the length of the loose seam and Slip the tape under the seam of your carpet such that half of the tape is under both pieces of the carpet. Then, you can run a hot iron along the seam till you make it hot or until the glue melts to secure the two pieces together.

Brush the fibers along the seam so that the attached seam doesn’t look out of place.

Replace The Fibers

If your cat has worn out a specific area of your carpet and the resulting damage is frazzled fibers, the solution is to cut out some fibers from a small hidden area of the carpet with a scissor.

Then, you should stick these fibers onto the damaged area of the carpet with glue. Strategically Continue adding glue and fibers as needed till the damaged area is covered.

Use a stiff brush to even the area once you have finished to blend it in with other parts of the carpet.

Summing Up

Cats can be a handful sometimes and especially when it comes to carpets. But we know how much you love your furry friend. It is why here we have listed some easy ways to repair carpet from cat scratches. So you can repair your carpet when it is ‘accidentally’  scratched or damaged by your cats. But if the damage on your carpet is beyond DIY hacks, you can hire a professional carpet repair service to restore your carpet to its original condition.

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