How To Fix Carpet Seam Peaking Problem?

How To Fix Carpet Seam Peaking Problem

Nov 1, 2021 | Carpet Repair

Seam peaking occurs when your carpet pulls up at its seam instead of lying stretched or flat on the floor. Also, the peaking problem arises due to the force used to stretch the carpet.

Generally, seam peaking is not caused by faulty material or poor workmanship. It occurs because of pressure, peaking, heavy foot traffic, hot ironing, etc. If you avoid all these things, then it can help you to minimize the effects of seam peaking. So, learn here the tips on how to fix carpet seam peaking problems.

Best Tips To Fix Carpet Seam Peaking Issues

1) If you have a seam issue, then the temporary solution is to avoid the usage of light-colored carpeting. This is because the light color makes the seam more visible.

2) Align carpet seam perpendicular to large windows or light sources if possible. This can be the solution for fixing carpet seam peaking.

3) Avoid using denser and flatter carpets as they are more prone to showing seam peaking.

4) Don’t use the stretch-in installation as it can cause seam peaking. Instead, glue the carpet directly to the floor.

How To Fix Split Carpet Seams?

Split carpet seams occur because of poor installation and lower quality carpet. To fix this issue, measure the split seam. After that, take the carpet tape from your carpet seam repair kit and cut it to fit the area.

Pull back the edges of the carpet. Take off the sticky tack paper from both sides of the carpet tape. Center the tape and lay it on the floor. This process is possible when you have a helping hand.

Now roll the carpet onto the tape and ensure that the edges meet each other. Check the area by walking over it or placing something heavy.

How Do You Flatten Carpet Seams?

To flatten the carpet ripples or seams, you can use a seaming iron. Because, with the help of seaming iron, you are able to press the seams joining them on the tape.

However, if you wish to fix carpet seam peaking problems professionally, then hire TNT Carpet Care at the El Cajon location. We have been providing carpet repair services for many years and have well-trained experts for it.

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