How To Fix Carpet Ripples Professionally?

How To Fix Carpet Ripples Professionally

May 18, 2021 | Carpet Repair

Whenever a new carpet is installed in your home, the professional will stretch it properly at all ends. Else, in the middle or side areas of the carpet, some wrinkle formation occurs. Then, you may think of how to fix carpet ripples on your own. Learn here the process to fix carpet ripples and causes for their occurrence.

What is Carpet Rippling and Its Causes?

When you install carpets attached from wall to wall covering the whole room, ripples are seen in some parts. The carpet appears loose in some portions and forms waves or wrinkles rising over to the surface. This behavior of carpet is known as the rippling or buckling effect.

However, there are various causes for the carpet rippling effect. It is affected by environmental factors which include an increase in humidity level or carpet flooding. Also, there are some man-made causes like poor carpet installation that can lead to ripples forming in it. Use of wrong cleaning methods like over-wetting of carpet, cleaning not done suitable to the fabric of the carpet.

♦ How To Fix Ripples In Carpet Professionally?

Firstly, know the reason behind the ripples formation in your carpet. Sometimes you need to find a method for “how to fix carpet ripples after cleaning”, while for normal cases use the following steps:

⇒ Tools:

  • A power-stretcher, knee kicker
  • Needle-nose pliers, flat-head screwdriver
  • Pry-bar, rubber mallet, carpet cutter
  • Staple gun

⇒ Steps:

  1. Move all the furniture and baseboards outside of the room.
  2. Detach the old tacking strips with the pry-bar.
  3. Then, a professional will start installing the new strips with the help of a rubber mallet. These strips range up to an inch from the wall.
  4. Set the position of a power-stretcher in the center of the room. It should be fixed about 6 inches from the wall.
  5. Start stretching the carpet by pushing the device lever. Also, remove the extra strips of carpet through the cutter. Repeat this step for the whole carpet area.
  6. Now, a professional will smoothen the corners of the carpet by removing any remaining ripples in that area with the help of a knee kicker.
  7. Use a staple gun to underlay your carpet securely.

This process of improving carpet ripples or buckles is also known as restretching. There are many other benefits of carpet restretching.

Are You Facing a Carpet Ripples Problem? Call The Best Professional!

As you have seen in this blog, how professionals use a predefined process to fix the carpet ripples. If you try this process at home, you need many tools, good knowledge to use these tools and experience. While professionals at TNT Carpet Care located in the El Cajon area are well-trained, skilled, and have the best tools to resolve ripple formation in your carpets. 

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