Is Cat Urine Smell on Carpets Harmful?

Is Cat Urine Smell on Carpets Harmful

May 26, 2021 | Pet Odor Removal

When you have a cat as a pet, its urine smell stinks in your entire house. Even if you clean the urine from the surface, its smell still lingers around everywhere. Then, you may wonder about questions like “Is cat urine smell harmful”, “Is cat pee dangerous for kids”, or “what diseases can you get from cat urine smell”.

However, if you hire professionals, they use the best tools for removing cat urine smell from your carpets. In this blog, you will study the reasons why cat urine smell is dangerous for you and your family members.

Top Reasons why Is Cat Urine Smell Harmful

  1. As the urine of a cat has a high concentration level of ammonia, it triggers many respiratory issues inside the people.
  2. Inhalation of cat urine can cause severe side effects like runny noses, itchy skin, rashes, red eyes, etc. 
  3. Also, the bad odor of cat urine can trigger allergic reactions to your kids and family members at home.
  4. If your cat is not using its litter box, the airborne allergens released from your cat urine stains cause harmful diseases. 
  5. When your cat pees on the carpets, it is important that you neutralize their urine stains. Because, your cat can smell their urine from these areas and they again pee on the same spot. This creates a strong urine odor in your entire house.
  6. Never leave your cat urine for a long time. Clean it as soon as possible. So, the pee stains and odor neutralizes, hence reducing the urine inhalation effects.

How do Professionals help To Reduce Cat Urine Odor?

You have seen a lot of dangerous reasons for cat urine odor. Sometimes your DIY tricks work on these cat urine stains, but for complete urine odor removal, go for a professional approach. Because, professionals have good knowledge, experience, and the best tools to erase stains and odor from any surface in your house. 

However, experts use natural cleaning methods or commercial products like enzyme cleaners based on the hardness of stain and urine odor. You can know the average cost of urine odor removal before hiring professional services.

Grab Top Professional Cat Urine Odor Removal From Carpets!

TNT Carpet Care located in El Cajon, has well-trained and skilled professionals who assure you to remove the deepest urine stain and odors from your carpets. They guarantee to give the original look and feel from your carpets back.

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