Can Dog Urine Cause Mold On Carpets?

Can Dog Urine Cause Mold On Carpets?

Oct 12, 2021 | Pet Odor Removal

When there is moisture, mold grows. Whether it is your wall or carpet, mold occurs because of the high amount of condensation in your home.

On top of it, if you are a pet owner having a dog, then it is definite that the growth of bacteria and microorganisms increases.

Many of you have a question: can dog urine cause mold? The answer is yes. In this blog, you will get to know about the occurrence of mold on the wall or carpet because of dog urine.

Check out this blog and get a sparkling clean home without mold spots.

Why Does Dog Urine Cause Mold Growth In Your Home?

Mold is the fungus that grows on any porous surface like a carpet, pad, subfloor, etc. which is wet for a long time. With a dog in your house, their unusual urine accidents are prone to happen. From urine spots, blood to poop stains on the carpet, dogs are the reasons for messiness in your home.

All the above pet stains or urine spots are not an issue if you clean it immediately and thoroughly. But if you delay it for a long time, then it can be a problem. Urine contains ammonia, which the carpet cannot soak it quickly. The components of urine attract moisture. Over time, several types of mold occur under your carpet. From penicillium, which can cause respiratory diseases, to aspergillus, which causes lung conditions, all are the types of mold that occur because of dog urine.

Other Causes Of Dog Urine In Your Carpet

  • A large negative effect on patients with COPD, asthma, or emphysema, and it may even cause several allergies.
  • The bacteria found in old urine stains can be the reason for causing sinusitis and watery eyes.
  • Your wood flooring becomes more and more saturated and may even rot. This can cause you an expensive replacement for wood floors.

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Apart from looking for the answer to, can dog urine cause mold? There are different other questions coming to your mind like:

  • Can dog urine cause headaches?
  • Can breathing in dog urine and feces make you sick?
  • What are the health hazards from dog urine and feces?

Then, you should avail the professional pet urine removal services like TNT Carpet Care at El Cajon. Our experts use the latest tools and modern methods to remove mold caused on your carpets due to pet urine. We provide a cost-effective mold removal service at your place.

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