How Do You Fix A Scorched Carpet?

How Do You Fix A Scorched Carpet

Aug 20, 2021 | Carpet Repair

When you iron the clothes sitting on your carpets, or by mistake the cigarette falls on it, immediately a burnt mark is formed. Now, the burnt portion totally destroys the look of your overall carpeting. Mainly, if you apply a patch on the affected portion, then it will look good in that area.

But, there is a specific process to applying the patch portion. Then, how do you fix a scorched carpet? Know the easy steps here.

Easy Steps On Fixing A Scorched Carpet

⇒ Clean and remove all the dust from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner before you start the patching process.

⇒ Then, with the help of a utility knife, cut down the burnt portion from the carpet. Make sure that you don’t cut the carpet padding layer.

⇒ Cut another piece of burnt part size from the scrap carpet and then fix it on the affected portion.

⇒ Apply the carpet tape properly to fix the portion and let it go beneath the padding layer for firmness.

⇒ Leave the fixed carpet portion as it is for some time.

⇒ After a few hours, comb the section gently so that it can blend properly with the existing carpeting.

Note: The professionals charge the burnt carpet repair cost based on the size of the burnt part whether it is small or large.

How Do I Fix An Iron Burn On My Carpet?

You can fix any type of burnt mark on your carpet by following the above steps. But, remember if you are doing carpet patching for the first time, then it requires a lot of attention and a steady hand to cut the pieces. While professionals have the experience and knowledge to cut burnt portions with proper precision.

So, you can avail the benefits of carpet patching by hiring quality carpet repair services at TNT Carpet Care in El Cajon and its nearby areas. Our experts use the latest cutting tool for burnt portions and will design the scrape carpet piece with the existing one properly.

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