How to Fix Melted Berber Carpet at Home?

Melted Berber Carpet at Home

Dec 17, 2019 | Carpet Repair

Have you faced that while ironing the clothes, your iron spits leaving a burnt mark on the carpet? Did the candle wax drop down on your carpet? These are the common incidents that occur at your home daily. The quality of your carpet is harmed due to it and so the burnt or melted marks need to be fixed early.

If you are not fixing the burnt or melted spots of your carpet early, then they can damage the carpet fibers permanently. Based on the size of burns, learn how to fix melted Berber carpet at home in this blog.

Tips on Fixing Tiny to Small Marks on Melted Carpet:

Fixing Marks On Melted Carpet

  • Take sandpaper of medium grit and gently rub it on the affected carpet area.
  • Cut down the burnt fibers of the carpet with a pair of scissors.
  • After cutting the damaged fibers, maybe a burnt or melted area visible on your carpet. Then cut down the carpet fibers that are present in an unseen like closet or baseboard corner areas.
  • Take the freshly cut fibers and stick them down on the burnt fibers of the carpet with the help of glue. Be careful to remove the visibility of the melted part now. Also, trim these fibers to the place you have cut before.

Tips on Fixing Medium to Large Marks on Melted Carpet:

Fixing Large Marks On Carpet

  • Take an X-acto type knife for cutting down the large melted part from the carpet. Try to not cut down the padding of the carpet.
  • Vacuum this new hole on your carpet to remove all the dirt from it. If you have a carpet in the scrap then use its fibers to repair your new Berber carpet.
  • Use the cut piece of burnt carpet as a marker to cut a fresh carpet fiber portion from the available scrapped carpet. Place this new portion on the previous burnt hole and trim down with scissors if needed.
  • Apply a good carpet adhesive on the burnt hole to properly stick the new carpet patch in it. You can also place a pile of heavy books on it to hold the patch after glue drying.
  • Let the glue dry for a minimum of 24 hours. After it dries, remove the pile of books and comb the fibers of the patch.

In conclusion, we hope this article will guide you on how to fix melted Berber carpet at your home. You can follow the above steps based on the size of burns on your melted Berber carpet.

Looking On How to Fix Melted Berber Carpet by Professionals?

TNT Carpet Care professionals have 14 years of experience to handle all types of carpet repairs in El Cajon, CA. They have knowledge and expertise in fixing carpet patches for all sizes of burns. To book your appointment, call us at 619-208-2708 now. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to know more tips on fixing carpet burns.

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