How to Perform Tile and Grout Cleaning Without Scrubbing

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Apr 16, 2020 | Tile and Grout Cleaning

As a tile and grout cleaning company, the most common issue people face and ask for help with is the grout line getting dark very frequently in the restroom. While cleaning the restroom, you must make sure that the room should not only looks clean but also give a clean and hygienic feel and smell.

In order to maintain the highest level of cleanliness inside a room, you need to be sure of the grout line cleaning. As grouts are porous in nature, they get discolored with time easily. This happens due to the accumulation of water from the mop, contaminants, and moisture. Due to this reason mold, mildew, and bacteria grow in the grout which leads to odors and staining.

Grout Line Cleaning is a Difficult Task Due to the Following Reasons:

  • The major reason for the grouts getting contaminated is the use of cleaners that sinks.
  • People use detergents that accumulate oil and dirt, this dirt and oils go and settle in the grout, making it look dirty.
  • The use of Inappropriate sealers can trap oils and dirt in the grout instead of keeping them out.
  • Using high pH value cleaners makes the grout more fragile and porous. Due to this, there is a fast re-soiling in the grout.

There are many cleaners that leave residue in the past that traps dirt.

Tile And Grout Cleaning


How Can You Clean Grout Lines Between Tile Flooring Without Scrubbing?

Before you initiate the grout cleaning it is vital to understand the type of contaminants or dirt that you need to remove. Based on this knowledge the most appropriate cleaner in our professional Tile and Grout Cleaning is used. 

High caution must be adopted at the time of using acidic products; because they tend to bleach the floor rather than clean it.

Selecting an ideal cleaner and using it in a proper way is the most important step for successful grout cleaning. Make sure the cleaner that is used on a daily basis must be soap salt-free; otherwise, scum will get easily deposited.

In case of deep grout cleaning a cleaner with a low level of sodium and potassium salts must be used. The cleaner must also make the dirt stick to the mop. The most important factor while choosing the cleaner is checking its pH value. If you avoid the importance of appropriate cleaners your grout will turn dirty and the floor will look dull over time.

Trust me, even experts say it is better to invest some time and money to make your restroom look and smell clean. Contact us today, we provide tile and grout cleaning in La Mesa.

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