How To Remove Salt Water Stain From The Bathroom Tiles?

How To Remove Salt Water Stain From The Bathroom Tiles?

Jun 15, 2021 | Tile and Grout Cleaning

In colder regions, people use salt to protect themselves from falling or skidding over their parking area, floor tiles, driveways. Because these places become wet from snow. However, it is essential to remove the salt after a winter snowfall. In this blog, you will know how to remove saltwater stains from the bathroom tiles.

Learn The Process To Remove Salt Water Stain From The Bathroom Tiles

Mainly, the salt is spread on the tiles or hardwood flooring to handle the winter snow, but after winter it can scratch these places. So, it’s better to remove salt from the tiles. You can follow the below cleaning method for any types of tiles except natural stone floor tiles as they can be damaged from vinegar.

♦ Things Needed:

⇒ ⅓ cup of sublime white vinegar
⇒ 1-gallon water
⇒ 1 spray bottle
⇒ Vacuum cleaner and microfiber mop
⇒ Microfiber cloths and towels

♦ Steps:

⇒ Keep the floor dry and then vacuum it so that salt gets cleaned from the tiles.
⇒ Make a solution of vinegar and water. Then, fill it in the spray bottle.
⇒ Spray the solution on the tiles and allow it to rest on the floor for 5 minutes.
⇒ Mop the floor area and dry it completely.
⇒ Take a damp white microfiber cloth. After the tiles are dried, wipe the cloth on the whole flooring. This will remove the remaining salt remnants from tiles.
⇒ Finally, wipe the tile area with a fresh and clean microfiber cloth again.

Why Professional Tile Cleaning Services Needed?

You can remove salt from your bathroom tiles through vinegar and water mixture. But, maybe you are not able to regain the original glory of the flooring back. Hence, hiring quality tile and grout cleaning services is the best option.

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