Do Tea Stains Wash Out From Upholstery?

Do Tea Stains Wash Out From Upholstery

Jun 8, 2021 | Upholstery Cleaning

In the wintery mornings, drinking a cup of tea by sitting on your upholstered sofa or couch gives a cozy and comfortable feeling. But, what to do when this cup of tea fell on your sofa or couch by mistake? Then, immediately take a clean cloth and blot the liquid inside it.

Also, the tea has a substance called tannin which can easily stain the fabric material. If you leave the tea stain for a long time as it is, then it may form a permanent mark on your upholstery. Then you think “do tea stains wash out from upholstery?”. Know here the best methods for its removal.

Top 3 Methods on How do You Get Tea Stains Out of Upholstery

⇒ Using hot water on the stain

Take a vessel and add water in it. Let it become hot before its boiling point. Then, pour this hot water on the tea stain thoroughly. Hot water will allow the stain to dissolve. Once the stain disappears, leave the upholstery for drying. Here, you can also try the hot water extraction upholstery cleaning method for tea stain removal.

⇒ Add soap powder on the stain

Apply a laundry soap liquid on both sides of the spot fabric. Rub the liquid on the stain until it disappears. Then, rinse with water and allow for drying. Remember, this process should be done immediately after the stain is formed.

⇒ Roll the ice cubes on the stain

It might sound weird, but crystals of ice can also remove the tea stains. You can roll the ice cubes on the stain. When the upholstery becomes wet and cold, stop rolling ice. Now, wash the upholstery properly and allow it to dry.

Finding Difficulty For Tea Stain Removal? Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaners!

Probably, tea stain is the toughest stain to remove once it is dried on the affected surface whether it is upholstery or carpet. If you want to try home remedies, then the above 3 methods are good, but they should be done instantly after it is formed.

However, hiring TNT Carpet Care professionals ensures you can remove all the types of hard stains from the upholstery. They will use the top cleaning methods and solutions for stains and bacteria or fungus removal from the surface.

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