Carpet Repair Popular Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing the reputable and trustworthy carpet repair company the choices are wide, which left behind lots of questions. But before hiring any company it is important that you know the technicality and process behind carpet repair. This will assure you that professional company you are thinking of hiring provides the best carpet cleaning and repair services. Here are some of the popular frequently asked questions about carpet repair help you make informed decision.

Carpet Repair Popular Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you stretch carpet?

Stretching the carpet is a very important procedure as it enhances the look of your room. So, it is vital to ask professionals on how do they actually perform carpet stretching and cleaning. However, there are individuals who believe in doing re-stretching on their own, but this is wrong. Because you don’t inspect your carpeting, tack strips or perform padding as professionals do.

2. Do you provide the service of repairing burn hole in carpet?

The reason for having a burn hole in the carpet can be many like dropping of hot iron, cigarette ash on carpet or a hot hair straightener accidentally placed on the floor. Here, replacing carpet can be costly. Therefore, while hiring a local carpet repair professionals ask them whether they provide service of repairing burn hole in the carpet or not which  saves you money on replacement.

burnt carpet

3. Are you fully licensed and insured local carpet repair company?

Hiring a company providing guarantee on carpet repair is very important as it assures you the quality cleaning while providing the value of an investment. Ask for their certifications and past work reference to know their quality of work and reviews of customers. Also, this ensures that your decision of investing in the carpet repair company is correct.

4. Do you charge for carpet cleaning and repair estimates?

Getting free quotes on phone for carpet repair near me is what every individual ask for. There is some company who provide the free estimate and others will not. So, it is important to ask the company you are looking to hire free quotes. Also, you can ask about their affordable pricing with no hidden charges for your project.

Hire The Leading Carpet Repair Professionals

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