How To Repair Carpet Holes With Carpet Patching?

How To Repair Carpet Holes With Carpet Patching1a

Feb 3, 2020 | Carpet Repair

Did your dog chew your carpet and make a hole in it? Or did you ever burn your carpet by throwing a cigarette on it? These 2 are the common reasons for holes formed on your carpet.

There are various other reasons such as hard spills, rough scratches, and many accidents like this that can ruin your carpet value. Does the question arise in your mind of how to repair carpet holes at home?

To repair carpet holes at home, you require a carpet patching method. It is one of the easiest, handy methods that does not take much time to repair holes. However, professional carpet repairing services also follow the patching method to fill these holes. So, learn carpet patching in 5 quick steps here.

Steps To Repair Carpet Holes with Carpet Patching

1) Measure the Damaged Area of the Carpet

Carpet Patch

Measure the damaged area of your carpet with the help of a measuring tape. This will give the exact idea of the area which needs to be extracted from the carpet. Even it will indicate how the proportionate area you need from other carpets for making a patch.

2) Remove The Area From Carpeting

Gently remove the damaged area with a knife and carpet cutting tool. Take extra precautions while cutting and make sure you are not damaging any other portion because of pressure.

3) Find a Similar Carpet and Take Its Proportion

It is important to take into consideration that the carpet patch should not look much different from each other. There is always an extra remnant available from the carpet at the time of installation. Cut the replaced carpet piece with equal measure and trim it from all sides.

4) Use Single-Sided Tape

Now use single-sided tape, always cut enough length so it could fill the gap in the carpet. Peel off the adhesive side, the sticky end will be facing up. Apply the tape gently onto the surrounding area.

5) Patch The Carpet Hole and Trim Uneven Fibers

Gently insert the new carpet patch inside the removed area of the burned carpet with proper direction. Now trim the uneven fibers by rubbing with a brush or any other tool. So it will not look uneven or different.

Want To Hire Professional Carpet Repair Services?

After all, patching or repairing your carpet is not difficult work. But, if you are attached to your carpet, then you should always be very careful to maintain its look and feel.

If still, you are not sure to work on the carpet hole by yourself; then, hire a top-rated professional carpet repair services of TNT Carpet Care in La Mesa, Alpine, El Cajon, and all other surrounding areas. To book your appointment, call us at 619-208-2708. Also, follow our Facebook page to know more about carpet repair tips at home.

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