A Complete Guide On Pet Damage Carpet Repair Cost

A Complete Guide On Pet Damage Carpet Repair Cost

Feb 10, 2020 | Carpet Repair

Carpet is the most common flooring material. It saves your floor from any damage. But nowadays keeping animals at home is a common trend followed. To maintain the carpet with your pet in the house is a difficult task. Pets have the habit of playing on the carpet. They even do scratches and pees on your carpet while playing. These things make you think of hiring pet damage carpet repair services at home.

Because of all these pet incidents, you need to think about the replacement of your carpet. However, professionals take care to repair different carpet patches. The average cost of repairing your carpet is $100 to $400. So, in this blog, you will study pet damage carpet repair cost and its reason for damage.

4 Top Factors Affecting Pet Damage Carpet Repair Cost

The prices may vary depending on the damage.

1. Stain due to pet pee

Pet Damage Carpet Repair Cost

The average cost for stain or spot removal will be $100 to $200. The reason for stain occurrence can be due to the pee of your pet or jumps directly with its dirty footprints on the carpet.

2. Re-stitching of carpet

Many times while your pet is playing on the carpet, they tear the corners and edges of it. For re-stitching the corners, the price varies between $100 to $250 per room. This price may vary depending on the size of your room.

3. Carpet patching

To repair your carpet from any holes and cuts, you need a carpet patch for it. The carpet patching process will cost around $100 to $200 per piece. The price may fluctuate depending on the size of your carpet hole.

4. Repair the carpet professionally

If you want to repair the carpet on your own, then purchase a carpet patch for it. The cost of the patch is around $25 to $50. But, if you want your carpet professionally repaired then it will cost between $0.25 to $1.00 per square foot.

Are You In Need Of Professional Pet Damage Carpet Repair Services?

The carpet might damage due to various reasons at any time, especially if you have pets at your home. So, make sure you blunt your pet claws before setting them free on your carpets.

TNT Carpet Care offers the best professional carpet repair services under your budget. We have years of experience in repairing all types of carpet in El Cajon and all its nearby areas. Book your appointment with us at 619-208-2708. Also, stay connected on our Facebook page to know more details about carpet repairing.

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