How To Repair Water Damaged Drywall?

How To Repair Water Damaged Drywall?

Feb 19, 2020 | Water Damage Repair

Whether you have experienced a basement flood, leakage of pipes or a leaky roof; it is always crucial to take immediate action to save your damaged drywall, before mold and mildew sets in.

First, you must find the source damaging your wall and hire a professional to clean it on an urgent basis. If your wall damages due to a flood then it can cause infections, bacteria and, allergens. So let’s have a glimpse on some of the step which can guide you on how to repair water damaged drywall?

Steps To Repair water-Damaged Drywall

1. Identify the damaged area

It is important to find an area that is having leakage. Sometimes a situation arises where hidden area damages and not able to recognize the source. Moreover, your wall can damage from inside due to the long stay of water in it.

2. Remove damaged drywall area

You can repair your drywall depending on the amount of water present. If there is long saturation of water then it is preferable to cut off the area and patch it with plywood or drywall of the same thickness. Your wall may get more damage if there are mold and mildew saturation overtime. A high saturation area with hole and crack should be replaced permanently.

How To Repair Water Damaged Drywall?

3. Replace the baseboard then paint

You need to remove the baseboard which is on your wall. Blend the other area that is not damaged with paper tape. Then paint your wall, which will give new look to your drywall and hide the patched area.


It is important to take proper precautions for your drywall. Because if your wall is water damaged then it will damage the other area and will impact the health of your family as well. Repairing your wall enhance the beauty of your property, even guest or any other visitor appreciate you the way you took care of your property.

You can easily repair the water damaged wall at home. But if you still have any confusion and do not have proper types of equipment, then you can hire professionals like TNT carpet care.

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