Common Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in El Cajon

Common Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in El Cajon

Jul 21, 2023 | Upholstery Cleaning

By adding lavish upholstery to your home, you try to transform your place with an elegant appearance. But with add on of the upholstery, you are also adding its cleaning and maintenance chore to your bucket list. As to sustain its grandeur, it is necessary to clean it frequently.

But many people of El Cajon find it difficult to clean it and tend to make some common upholstery cleaning mistakes. This article has given insights into common upholstery cleaning mistakes and some crucial ways to prevent them. Read the write-up to uncover more.

7 Common Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in El Cajon

1. Ignoring upholstery cleaning task

Regular cleaning of the upholstery can help to maintain its beauty. But due to busy schedules, many people try to neglect this task. This negligence can tarnish the look of the sofa.

So before it’s too late buy a good vacuum cleaner and clean the upholstery with the required frequency. If the dirt and dust get wiped off regularly, then the chances of their damage decrease.

2. Neglecting the manufacturing guidelines

Many plush upholstery with distinct hues and designs are coming up in the El Cajon market. And all the upholstery comes up with different cleaning guidelines. But most people tend to make mistakes by cleaning the upholstery with the same traditional methods.

You can damage your couch by avoiding the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines. Follow the cleaning instructions to make the couch cleaning process more effortless.

3. Use of wrong cleaning products and tools

One thing you should check while buying any cleaning product is its chemical content. Chemical-based cleaning products can wear off the upholstery. Always avoid bleach or ammonia-based cleaning products. It can cause discoloration and can even have dark patches. Use eco-friendly cleaning products suitable for your upholstery type.

Moreover cleaning the upholstery with hard-bristle brushes can damage its delicate layers. So opt for soft microfibre cloth. This cloth will provide a gentle cleaning to the couch layers by eradicating any damage chances.

4. Avoiding the color test patch conduct of couch

Some cleaning products may not be compatible with your upholstery fabric. So before getting into the whole cleaning process, it’s better to test them on a small patch.

If you are using the same cleaning processes for cleaning your couch, then there is no need of testing any product. This trick is required for testing the new cleaning processes on your upholstery.

There is a possibility that the cleaning method may not work on your couch type and can ruin that small portion. There is a solution to this, for testing the patch, you can always choose that small portion that is not much visible.

5. Rubbing stains instead of blotting

Whenever any stain hits the upholstery, most people try to rinse it off harshly. But vigorous scrubbing further forces the stain deep into the upholstery layers. So this is not the right way to treat stains.

Blot the stain if it is new instead of scrubbing it from your upholstery surface. If the spot lies on the upholstery for a long time, then try to cleanse it off by using an upholstery steam cleaner.

Finding the appropriate cleaning approach for the particular upholstery type is difficult. Here the professionals of El Cajon can help you in the best ways.

6. Use more water while cleaning upholstery.

Usually, there is a misbelief that the stain can get quickly cleaned using more water. But using more water for cleaning upholstery can also lead to its damage.
If you try to soak the upholstery with more water, then a high-quality dehumidifier also can not dry it.

Ultimately the situation will get worsened. And this can also lead to mold growth in the couch layers. So use minimal water while cleaning your lavish upholstery and prevent any troublesome scenarios.

7. Neglecting professional cleaning touch

With years of experience, experts have developed strategies for dealing with different upholstery issues. Their expertise can help you to clean your upholstery in the best way.

But most people try to overlook the hiring of professional couch cleaners to save their costs on it. This cost-saving can lead to damage to your crucial couch investment.

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