How To Check For Mold Behind Walls?

How To Check For Mold Behind Walls

Sep 24, 2019 | Mold Removal

One thing that every individual will not welcome in their home is Mold. This is because it not only causes damage to your walls but is also harmful to your health. Before mold growth increases in your property, it is important to conduct a homemade mold test. Let’s begin with knowing how to check for mold behind walls and what are the signs of mold in your house.

Damage Caused By Damp On A Wall In Modern House

Steps to Remove Mold Behind Walls

Mold grows mostly in wet areas. So, if you are living in an area where the weather is full of moisture, then it is best to consult an expert in mold remediation.

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However, for everyday mold issues, here are the steps to consider. These mold detectors and removal actions will surely help you regain the original beauty and wellness of the property.

Step1: Begin with Moldy Spots

Make a liquid solution by taking 1 part of bleach to 3 parts of water, mixing well, and pouring it into a spray bottle. When sparkling this bleach mixture on mold stains, ensure to open a window as bleach fumes can irritate your lungs. Let the bleach mixture soak into the walls and then scrub brush the mold spots.

Step2: Eliminate the Molds

Once you have killed the outer wall surface mold stains, now it’s time for your question on how to check for mold behind walls. Spray undiluted white vinegar on affected areas and let it dry completely. Also, do not worry about the strong smell, it will vanish once the vinegar is dry entirely.

Person Hand Measuring The Wetness Off A Moldy Wall

Step3: Preventive Steps to Avoid Mold Reoccurrence

After the mold elimination process, ensure that mold doesn’t reappear in your property walls or other areas. From wiping the stains immediately to the weekly bathroom cleaning, all are the prevention steps for mold removal. Also, you can use mold-resistant paint on bathroom walls and other mold-prone walls.

Hire The Best Mold Repair and Removal Specialist

If you want to know more about how to check for mold behind walls or how to find hidden mold in your house, then TNT Carpet Care is the definite choice. Over the years, we have been providing quality mold repair in El Cajon for years. To know more regarding how to test for mold and DIY mold test tricks, contact us at 619-208-2708 or follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

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