How To Eradicate Slime Mold?

How To Eradicate Slime Mold?

Jun 3, 2021 | Mold Removal

Slime mold is one type of fungal organism, close to the amoebas category. Usually, this mold grows near hardwood mulch and in shady locations. Also, in some specific color mulches like yellow, orange, gray, or black slime mold appears. It is seen that slime mold can move by itself. Slime mold does not harm any plant species. Know here how to eradicate slime mold and whether it is harmful to humans.

♦ Is Slime Mold Harmful To Humans?

Slime mold grows in your garden and is not harmful to anyone. So, it does not cause harm to humans or animals also. But, they can cause breathing irritations to people having asthma and allergies. Doing chemical treatment for this type of mold is not safe, as they are very sensitive organisms.

As slime mold causes breathing problems, you may need to remove it, if it develops on your favorite garden sitting spot. In this way, you will be protected from allergic reactions. However, sometimes, slime mold disappears or breaks on its own within a few days of its growth. Know below the 2 ways to remove slime mold.

♦ How To Get Rid Of Slime Mold In House?

  1. Take a garden hose and use it to give a blast of water on this slime mold growth.
  2. Another way, rake through this slime mold so that its formation breaks easily.

You can recognize the bright yellow-colored or orange slime mold easily compared to a dull or black mass. Moreover, the growth of slime mold increases in the spring season due to the moisture level. They get nutrients from the dirty mulches present in your garden or shady areas near your house.

Planning To Remove Slime Mold? Avail Best Professional Help!

As it is known that slime mold grows in wood mulches or in shady locations, so removal of it is important. Instead of trying DIY tricks, get professional help. They better know the methods and tricks to remove mold from wood furniture or in wood mulches. TNT Carpet Care is the ultimate choice in El Cajon for professional mold removal services.

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